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Bishop Thomas Grant School Family Adapt to the National Situation

Bishop Thomas Grant School Family Adapt to the National Situation

In these uncertain times it is uplifting for all of us at Bishop Thomas Grant School to hear of the many good things which have happened as a result of the pandemic. One such story has come from parent Adeline Chan, who writes:

We just wanted to let the school know about the achievement of Tamra and Clarissa Chan's grandparents. In just three weeks they were able to design face masks to government specifications, deliver machines and material to their staff who are now all working from home, and to get 3000+ masks made. 

Now that they have fulfilled their first government order, they are selling face masks on their website: https://www.wearmoi.co.uk/acatalog/Face-Masks.html 

They can also make smaller sizes for young children. The price includes postage but excludes VAT. They are also selling 10 masks for £50 excl VAT. 

My father-in-law, who is 77 years old, bless him, insists on doing the website so it is not the most sophisticated but the business does not normally rely on it much since it usually supplies dance wear shops, theatre companies, and other businesses, etc. We were about to check out the costumes they made for the musical Prince of Egypt before the theatre shows stopped. They also make bespoke outfits, for example, for marathon runners who want to dress up! We're just so proud of them - they should be retired but say they would be too bored! 

If anyone wants a mask but doesn't know a reputable supplier and/or doesn't want to buy a mask that is really intended for the NHS/other health worker, do take a look at the website linked above. 

We thank Ms Chan for her story and congratulate the family on their endeavours. Please do contact us if you have any stories you’d like to share. 

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