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Farewells from Teachers leaving this year


Farewell Bishop Thomas Grant School from Mrs Fairhead

It certainly is a very strange time to be leaving Bishop Thomas Grant School. I feel sad that I won't get to say goodbye in person, so instead I will write it here. 

I have been working at Bishop Thomas Grant School in the Science department for the last 12 years, and what happy years they have been. Bishop Thomas Grant School is a very special place. Something some of you might not realise until you are older. I never imagined when I started teaching here that I would stay for as long as I have. However, while I am sad to be leaving, I am excited to be moving nearer to my family and for a new adventure. 

I have been so impressed with the work ethic and determination of so many of you during this difficult time of upheaval in your education. You really have risen to the challenge and shown great strength of character. I really will miss you all, but I look forward to hearing about all the great things that you go on to achieve in your lives in the future. Never stop asking questions, and always aim high. 

Love to you all,

Mrs Fairhead

Farewell Bishop Thomas Grant School from Mrs Macfarlane

Bishop Thomas Grant School, what can I say, it is with the heaviest heart that I leave you all this July. It is difficult to find the words to express what a special place Bishop Thomas Grant School is to me, and that is because of all of you, the wonderful students that make the school what it is. Being part of the Bishop Thomas Grant family and being your teacher has been a privilege, I will miss you all very much. I am devastated that I have not been able to say goodbye in person due to the pandemic, but I hope our paths will cross again soon (on a netball court, perhaps!).  I wish you all the very best and hope your futures are filled with happiness. 
Mrs Macfarlane (AKA Miss Andrews!)


Leaving Message from Mrs Brown

It feels like a lot has changed in the world since I left you all (rather spontaneously!) back in October to go and have my baby. We were very lucky to have a baby boy, Euan, who joined his sister Anna to complete our family. We have spent the past few months exploring lots of local lakes and parks and enjoying the lovely weather.  

Since I joined Bishop Thomas Grant School in 2015 I have adored teaching all of you, it is very rare to find a school in which students are so kind and thoughtful. My favourite memories will always be how incredibly polite and well-mannered you all were to not ask me whether I was pregnant with both of my children... until someone plucked up the courage to ask, "Do you want children Miss? I think you'd be a great Mum!" 

I now move on to a new role with an organisation, which focuses on teacher training and development.

Good luck and goodbye for now! x

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