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Jack Petchey Awards


Jack Petchey Awards

The Jack Petchey Foundation is a charitable organisation that invests in young people, both recognising and celebrating their achievements. Over the course of the academic year, students are nominated for the Jack Petchey Young Achievers Award, by their peers and teachers. Our Jack Petchey award winners for this year are listed below, along with the reasons for achieving the award. They will attend an award ceremony with their families in central London next year.
Well done to:

Year 7 

Milena has beamed with school spirit since day one of year 7. She is always the first to offer to represent her form but will put others forward if she thinks they need the encouragement. Milena went out of her way to support our efforts for the Christmas fair, and has entered every competition available to raise the house points for Luke house. Milena is kind and thoughtful, inspiring her classmates to be inclusive and consider the feelings of others. I have seen Milena befriending lonely students in the playground and wandering around school looking for teachers to help in her spare time: she is a credit to her form group and the school community as a whole.

Ula is the embodiment of a team player. She has attended so many clubs this year that we almost ran out of record cards! She is in early for Kick-Boxing and stays late for Football matches and keeps her focus in lessons in between. Ula has put herself forward to represent her form, but she also recognises the strengths of others and has supported her classmates in their own competitions. Ula is bright and cheerful character, and her costumes for the 7MC photo-booth made us stand out from the crowd. Her sense of humour sends the whole form into fits of giggles and we are all missing her daily updates on her sporting antics.

Year 8

Joshua has contributed significantly to all our charity events and has helped his form raise a significant amount of money.  Joshua is always willing to offer his help and took charge with arranging stalls at the Christmas fair. Joshua is extremely modest but it has been noted by many of his peers just how kind and helpful he is to everyone he meets.

Innes participates fully in all aspects of school life. She has an outgoing personality with a good sense of humour, and has significantly contributed to the musical life of the school. Innes recently took part in our school production Oliver. Well done Innes!

Year 9

Ollie has been given a Jack Petchey award because of his determined work ethic, for his work on the school council as a year rep, and his charitable attitude. He gives up his time to help give back to the school community, attending Junior Debate Club on Wednesday lunchtimes, helping to teach the younger students how to debate. Ollie also attends BTGMUN meetings on Tuesday mornings, helping to plan our conference for this year, helping to give opportunities to people in our school community as well as those in the wider community who often lack the opportunity to access debate. Ollie is a fantastic role model to his year group, and a budding musician. Overall, he is a hard-working and charitable student who deserves credit for his work in our community.
Nathan is a very caring person, he goes out of his way to look out for others, and ensure that no one is left out during group activities. Nathan readily involves himself in form activities and charity events. Nathan is fully involved in MUN, and the Duke of Edinburgh scheme. Well done Nathan!
Year 10

Luam is an excellent student, who is a fantastic role model to her peers. She is polite and considerate at all times, and always looks for the positives in everything that she does. Luam always strives to do the best in everything that she is involved in, and she is extremely hard working. Luam is always offering to help and support others and not just to those in her friendship group. Luam volunteers outside of school and gets involved in many aspects of school life at Bishop Thomas Grant School. Luam is an excellent prefect and is extremely compassionate to students in the younger year groups. Luam really embodies the Bishop Thomas Grant School values.
Mary is an extremely talented footballer who always works extremely well as a team player. This year Mary has been a fantastic prefect and has really impressed the teachers that she works with whilst she is on duty. Mary's attitude whilst being a prefect is exceptional and she is an asset to the prefect team.  Mary has also worked really hard this year to improve her academic attainment, in order to do this Mary has had to challenge herself and show a great level of independence. Mary has done this whilst also managing to train with Crystal Palace Football club. We are extremely proud of the hard work that Mary has put into all aspects of school life this year and she should be too.
Year 11

Daniele is an excellent role model. She is an extremely lively person who is friends with everyone. Although she only joined our school a couple of years ago, she immediately became part of the school.
She is very popular among her peers, as she has a very charismatic way of communicating with everyone. Daniele tries hard to help other students all the time, and is a very active member of form always contributing to class discussions and charity events.
Natalie is a very friendly student who is always willing to help others without attracting attention to herself. She is very reliable and mature, and you know that whatever you ask her to do will be done quickly, and to the best of her ability. Natalie is an excellent role model for the school community.
Year 12

Peter has shown a real dedication to his local community this year. At Christmas, he delivered food to the homeless and raised money to provide hot meals to homeless people living in London. Currently (July 2020) Peter is attempting to complete the Coast to Coast walk of England to raise money for the Mark Evison Foundation. So far he and Marcin have raised more than their initial £200 target, and are half way to completing their charity walk.
Marcin is also currently undertaking the Coast to Coast walk of England to raise money for Mark Evison Foundation. Marcin has shown dedication and perseverance despite difficult personal circumstances and has raised over £200 so far for the charity. In addition, Marcin is a role model for younger students in the school. He works tirelessly on his academic studies, and he has been awarded an internship with Invest education learning about Computer Science from professionals in that field.
Year 13

Peter is immediately recognisable to everyone at Bishop Thomas Grant by his generous and helpful personality, his determination and excellent attitude to his studies, and his winning smile! Throughout his time at Bishop Thomas Grant, Peter has become renowned for being the first person to volunteer his time to help others, regardless of what it entails.  He is dependable, reliable and an absolute rock for others to lean on.  Even when finding things tough, he has continuously put the well-being of others before his own and 110% embodies every quality that we value here at Bishop Thomas Grant. As Deputy Headboy, his dedication to the school increased even further and he is truly deserving of this award. 
Since arriving at Bishop Thomas Grant, Sofija has settled in astonishingly well and is an absolutely key member of the year group. Sofia is an extremely motivated, hard-working and intelligent student, Sofija is also extremely empathetic and compassionate towards others - it is hardly surprising that she was elected Head Girl by her peers.  She has been an excellent role model, and ambassador for the Sixth Form, dedicating much of her time to working both on their behalf and to support the staff.

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