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Online Safety Update for Parents

As our young people spend more time online than ever before it is important for us to keep up with developments. Think U Know is a reliable source of advice for parents.

A parent’s guide to keeping children safe online
Children love to socialise and share online. In this article we look at privacy settings and how they can help your child to manage the content they share and who they connect with. Please follow the weblink below to read the article.

A parent’s guide to personal information
From online gaming to social media apps - if your child enjoys the internet it’s important you know how to protect their personal information and support them to make safe choices about what they share about themselves online. For more information please check out the weblink below.


A parent’s guide to cyber security
Our children are probably the go-to IT advisor in the family, but security may not be their top priority. We’ve teamed up with The National Cyber Security Centre to give you some advice about how you and your family can work together to make some small changes to the security of your online accounts and devices to better protect yourselves from online scams. Follow the weblink below to read the full article.

Gaming: What parents and carers need to know
For most children and young people, gaming is a fun way to spend time with friends and create opportunities to develop teamwork, concentration skills and problem-solving. In this article we look at the risks and how to help your child stay safe. Check out the weblink below for more information

What is the internet of things (Iot)?
Families are buying internet-enabled devices such as smart speakers, toys that connect to the internet and even Bluetooth enabled toothbrushes. In this article, we explain what is meant by the ‘Internet of Things’ and how to use these devices safely with your child. Read the full article using the link below.

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