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Bishop Thomas Grant School

University Challenge at Bishop Thomas Grant School (before lockdown)

University Challenge at Bishop Thomas Grant School (before lockdown)

There are not many schools in the UK who have a quizmaster who combines the intellectual skills of Bamber Gascoigne and the acerbic wit of Jeremy Paxman, the only two hosts of the famous TV quiz “University Challenge.”

In Mr Brezicki, Bishop Thomas Grant School’s Head of English, there is that very person, and for the last six years Mr Brzezicki has not only made up but also asked all the questions in the school’s own version of this popular show.

In this year’s student competition the semi-finals were between Matthew and Mark Houses, with Mark the winners by 90 points to 45. Then came the match between Luke and John Houses, with Luke the winners by 130 to 65. Already in these matches the two winning team captains, Ethan for Luke and Joseph for Mark, showed wide-ranging knowledge to lead their teams to victory. In the final itself Joseph was able to show knowledge of the classics and the Irish potato famine but this wasn’t enough to help his team to another victory, with Ethan for Luke House showing exceptionally extensive  knowledge on topics from art history to road signs, religion, chemical elements and even the poet Byron to raise his team’s score to a massive 125 points against 45 for Joseph’s Mark House.

Mr Brzezicki, as ever, was there to announce the winning team and chalk off another year in his second job as Bishop Thomas Grant School’s quizmaster extraordinaire.

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