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Bishop Thomas Grant School

Wellbeing links for families

For Parents:

1. Corona Virus Myths

Resources for debunking coronavirus myths

At this time, children will increasingly be using social networks to reach out to others and with that there will be an increased risk to fake news and online harms including grooming, radicalisation, exploitation, and bullying. All these issues could impact on their mental health and wellbeing.  This is a time when many young people will be vulnerable and unfortunately, the potential for online exploitation may be at its highest. Fact checking Coronavirus websites:

2. Domestic Abuse 3. Edusafe 4. Foodbanks and Diet 5. Fraud
6. Health 7. Life Skills 8. Letters 9. Mental Health 10. Online Tuition

For Students:

1. Childline

  • Childline- comforts, advises and protects children 24 hours a day and offers free confidential counselling. Phone 0800 1111 (24 hours) and Chat 1-2-1 with a counsellor online. https://www.childline.org.uk/  
2. Discover Tips 3. Edusafe 4. Elevate Website - Helping Young People Stay Creative
  • Lambeth have just launched the Elevate Website a growing collection of creative activities - all artforms, for all ages. "We are collating an inspiring selection for you, with new content added each week"
5. Letters 6. Newsround 7. Troo App 8. Youngminds 

For Parents and Students: 

A series of thinking, discussion-based and doing activities for students and parents to complete together:


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